About Dapponics

Dapponis is a blockchain oriented company specialized in dapp development. Our main goal today is growing the B2B segment where Dapponics provides consulting and dapp development to other companies, Dapponics long term vision is to also develop SaaS to provide as much value as possible to humanity. Our brand is recognizable by its high level of quality and security in their products as well as a dedicated and passionate customer service. We follow our core values in everything we do: Decentralization, Integrity, Ownership and Security.

founder image

Diego Carranza - Hands on CEO

R&D Engineer, Blockchain Developer, Founder of Dapponics. —I believe that technology should be used to improve humanity. What blockchain offers is very powerful for society, granting freedom to people and businesses as well as optimizing old systems. I've been creating technology for a decade and blockchain is the technology that inspires me the most. And I'm fully commited to facilitate the adoption of this technology building high quality and secure dapps for our clients.